MineCake Survival - Modded

Status: N/A
Players: N/A
Version: N/A

Welcome to MineCake Survival Modded!

You can find info on how to download our mod pack and how to join in our discord.

Rules are listed below


1- Don't be a dick

2- Don't crash the server

3- No chunk loaders

4- Don't claim excessive amounts of land PLEASE. Just use what you need.

5- If you grief stuff you get ban, simple

6- Ask for permission if you want to build on someone's stuff

7- JUST TO REITERATE, don't claim more than you need holy SHIT

8- Some dick is probably gonna find a special case to try and rules lawyer so we reserve the right to get you to quit annoying people if you're trying to pull some annoying shit. We all remember the last time that happened, and I'm not putting up with it again.